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Lucid Paradox

Unleashing Creativity: A New Era in Publishing

What We Do

Dive into the realm of Lucid Paradox, where we merge the best of traditional publishing with the independence of self-publishing. Our mission is to provide a platform that caters to the unique needs of each author, showcasing thought-provoking and inspiring works.

Whether you’re an established author seeking greater creative control or a burgeoning writer looking for professional guidance, Lucid Paradox is your gateway to a world where clarity meets complexity. We believe in empowering authors with the tools and resources they need to take their stories from manuscript to masterpiece.

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Are you ready to share your story with the world? Whether you want to go through the traditional or self-publishing route, each journey has its own unique rewards and challenges. Discover what you need to turn your story into a best-selling novel. Book a free consultation to set up a game plan that works for you. Your readers are waiting!

Lucid Paradox

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Traditional Publishing

We are committed to curating a diverse and engaging literary collection that reflects the multifaceted world of storytelling. If your manuscript is chosen to join this esteemed library, we will present you with a mutually beneficial contract. Our comprehensive publishing package includes meticulous editing, strategic marketing, and professional publishing services – all at no expense. We believe in investing in our authors’ potential, ensuring their voices are heard, and their stories reach the readers they were meant to inspire.


Should your manuscript not be selected, or if our contract doesn’t align with your preferences, you still have the opportunity to experience the advantages of professional publishing with us. In such instances, the responsibilities for editing, publishing, and marketing expenses will be yours to bear. However, the silver lining is that all the proceeds from your book sales will go directly to you. This way, you retain total control over your work and its profits, furthering your journey as an independent author.

Lucid Paradox Services

Book Editing

Book editing and design

Book Publishing

Book Publishing

Book Marketing

Book Marketing

Send Us Your Manuscript

Are you ready to transcend the status quo with your writing? Submit your finished manuscript to Lucid Paradox today! If your story captivates us, we will invest our resources, time, and effort to produce it worldwide. Remember, we are very selective, and competition is fierce, but every story gets a fair chance. Even if not selected, you’ll receive valuable feedback and the recommended services we provide to help your future success. Don’t wait – submit your manuscript now and take the first step towards publishing success!