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What is Book Publishing

Book publishing at Lucid Paradox is a critical process. We’re not just about publishing books but about launching successful authors. We understand that getting your book ready for the world is a meticulous process that demands complete transparency and time. We’re committed to ensuring that every detail is handled with precision to showcase your work in its best light while protecting your reputation as an author and us as your publisher. Together, we’ll ensure your book isn’t just published and celebrated. However, a couple of steps will take time to get done correctly.

What to Expect During the Publishing Process

Picking a Book Title

For several reasons, choosing a book title is an essential part of the writing and publishing process:

  • The title is often the first thing potential readers encounter, making it their initial introduction to your work. It must be engaging, intriguing, and compelling enough to make someone want to read the book.
  • A good title hints at the book’s content, genre, or tone, setting appropriate expectations for the reader. If the title misrepresents the book, it could lead to disappointment and negative reviews.
  • A unique and memorable title can help your book stand out in an increasingly crowded literary marketplace.

Picking your book title will be one of the hardest things you can do because it will be associated with your book forever. But, choosing the right book title is not just a matter of branding but also an integral part of storytelling and reader engagement.

Designing Your Book

The cover of your book plays a crucial role in its success and can’t be underestimated. It’s the first thing potential readers see, whether browsing online or in a bookstore, and it often influences their decision to learn more about your book or bypass it for another. The cover is essentially a visual elevator pitch, offering a quick snapshot of what the book is about.

A well-designed cover can convey key elements of your book—its genre, tone, and subject matter—in a way that piques curiosity and invites readers in. It also communicates a level of professionalism and quality. If the cover looks amateurish, readers may assume the same about the content, regardless of how well it’s written.

In this process our graphic artist will work with you on trying to capture the vision you have for your book. We will take what you convey, and work with you to make it a reality. It will be a professional polished book cover that will resonate with your audience and future readers. But, if you have a book cover already made we will work with what you have, and ensure it looks professional. 

Book a Free Consultation

Ready to bring your story to life but don’t need all our services? No worries! We offer customized publishing services tailored to your unique needs. Whether you’re just starting out or need the final touches, our team is here to guide you every step of the way. We guarantee your satisfaction in getting your book out into the world book your free consultation today.

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Properly Formatting Your Book

Book formatting is a critical aspect of the publishing process, and its importance cannot be overstated, but to get it right it’s a meticulous process that takes time to master. However, this is also something we take care of to ensure it gets done right. 

  • Good formatting enhances readability. It ensures the text flows smoothly, is easy on the eyes, and doesn’t distract or frustrate the reader. Consistent margins, spacing, font selection, and size contribute to this readability.
  • Effective formatting helps structure your content. Elements like chapter headings, page numbers, and table of contents guide readers through the book and make navigation easier.
  • Professional formatting gives your book a polished, high-quality appearance, which can influence a reader’s perception and their decision to purchase. If a book looks unprofessional or sloppy, it may negatively affect the author and their credibility.
  • Different platforms and publishers have specific formatting requirements.

Properly formatting your book ensures that it meets these standards, preventing potential issues with publication. Therefore, investing time and effort into proper book formatting is essential for both the reader’s experience and the success of your book in the marketplace.


Once everything is approved and you are happy to move forward. It’s time to send your book into production and get it out to the world to enjoy. It will be available in e-book format which is what we focus on selling. Most book sales are made online through a medium like a Kindle, Nook, or smartphone. However, it will be available through Amazon, Apple, Barnes and Noble, and many more.  

Remember, publishing a book is a journey, and each step is crucial to ensuring the success of your book. We’re here to guide you through this exciting process, ensuring that your book is presented in the best possible manner to your readers. Once it has been published the fun part starts, with marketing your book and driving sales. 

Do You Have a Manuscript? Contact Us

Are you ready to transcend the status quo with your writing? Submit your finished manuscript to Lucid Paradox today! If your story captivates us, we will invest our resources, time, and effort to produce it worldwide. Remember, we are very selective, and competition is fierce, but every story gets a fair chance. Even if not selected, you’ll receive valuable feedback and the services we provide to help your future success. Don’t wait – submit your manuscript now and take the first step towards publishing success!